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Residential care provider Het Gastenhuis relies on Axxerion Go


the Netherlands, national organization


Residential care (dementia care)



Axxerion Go IWMS, focus on:

  • Contract management
  • Service request system
  • Inventory, centrally managed


  • 14 locations throughout the Netherlands (+20 in development)
  • 20 to 22 persons per location in an area of approximately 20.451 ft²


Due to the rapid growth of Het Gastenhuis, the system of working with excel sheets soon reached its limits. The organization therefore started looking for a simple system to record its buildings, spaces, contacts, and contracts. Registering inventory and the various facilities was another important aspect. In addition to keeping track of various issues in an organized manner, a service request system was also needed.


Using Axxerion Go, care organizations can quickly get started with the mentioned functionalities. The most commonly used processes are integrated into Go by default, and as it is a cloud-based solution, Het Gastenhuis doesn’t have to bother with backups, updates, new versions, etc. Het Gastenhuis particularly appreciates that the software is very easy to access, affordable and flexible in terms of licenses and duration.


The couples – also resident care providers – who are in charge of each Gastenhuis want to spend as little time as possible with administration, of course. To relieve them as much as possible, the headquarters works centrally with the software. After 9 months, Axxerion Go has turned into an effective tool that provides the care organization with an overview and allows them to monitor facility processes and quality. Should expansion be required in the future, it would be in the area of technical maintenance of the property (multi-year maintenance plan).

About Het Gastenhuis

Het Gastenhuis provides small-scale residential care for people with dementia. At its headquarters in Amsterdam, the central team currently provides support to 14 branches throughout the Netherlands, and there are 20 more under development. A special feature of each Gastenhuis is that it is run by a couple with a solid healthcare background, who reside in a service apartment located next to the building. This ensures a homely and personal atmosphere. Not surprisingly, Het Gastenhuis is highly rated by customers on the experience website for the Dutch health care system ZorgkaartNederland with an average rating of 9.2.

Sustainability is also a high priority for the organization. The fleet is electric and new residences are heated without gas, using solar collectors and a heat pump.

From Spacewell, we fully support the dementia care vision of Het Gastenhuis and hope to grow with the organization in the years to come.

Axxerion Go as an IWMS is very user friendly, affordable and flexible in terms of licenses and duration

Sander Heijboer

Facility Manager, Het Gastenhuis

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