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OutSmart is an international wind energy company employing over 50 people. OutSmart’s customers are located around the world.

Landscape with windmills

How Outsmart uses Axxerion

OutSmart manages the full lifecycle of wind turbines or wind farms. A knowledge bank has been created in Axxerion for error messages and breakdowns. We use the notification, contract, inventory and maintenance modules. These have been specially geared to windmills for OutSmart. For instance, Axxerion developed an app for inspections, for both online and offline use.

Why Outsmart chose Axxerion

OutSmart has a clear overview as all parts of the wind turbines are recorded down to the tiniest detail. The modules are also fully integrated with each other, so that information only has to be saved once. Maintenance on wind turbines involves many aspects relating to safety and healthcare. Each inspection is registered and checked. The flexible workflows enable us to have control and an overview of all the steps that are undertaken.

In Axxerion we have found software that can grow with us and enjoys a sound price/quality ratio.

Dennis Schiricke


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