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The KNVB (Dutch Football Association) is a household name in the Netherlands. With 1.2 million members and over 500 employees, the KNVB is the biggest sports association in the country.

Children wearing a soccer jersey

How KNVB uses Axxerion

With the help of Axxerion, the KNVB automated all its facility processes. As a result, we no longer need files bulging with plans generated in Excel. Visitor registration and the reservation of meeting rooms (including catering) are available via the intranet. We also use modules such as contract management, notifications and maintenance.

Why KNVB chose Axxerion

The speed of Axxerion, the variable structure and focus on facility processes formed the main added value for the KNVB. Thanks to the software, we can work in an orderly, fast and cost-efficient manner. Clear dashboards provide a real-time overview, enabling us to make quick decisions.

Axxerion’s no-nonsense culture appeals to us enormously. Axxerion possesses valuable in-house knowledge and experience that we trust implicitly.

Rob Kocken

Kit Manager

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