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AZMM innovates hospital cleaning




Ghent, Belgium


Acute general hospital


  • 64,800 m², 542 hospitals beds, 24 operating theatres
  • 100+ cleaning staff


Based on the Spacewell smart building platform


  • Service quality
  • Space utilization
  • User satisfaction
Verdantix Innovation Awards 2020 Winner batch

Smart hospital cleaning – highlights:

  • Intuitive app used by the hospital cleaning team
  • Supported fast COVID-19 response
  • € 45,000 annual savings in cleaning
  • Augmented cleaning capacity without extra FTEs
  • Increased team motivation, reduced absenteeism (by more than 50%) and staff turnover


A modern hospital is a complex environment where care is provided around the clock. This requires highly serviced buildings with no margin for error in meeting their occupants’ needs. To achieve this, it is essential that facility teams have easy access to up-to-date information on the go. The hospital cleaning staff needs to know which tasks to perform, when, and where. Instructions must be clear, highly visual, and unambiguous while leaving enough autonomy to work efficiently and respond flexibly to changing conditions on the ground. It is also important that staff can use available spaces effectively and avoid meeting room conflicts and mistakes.


As part of a wider digital transformation effort, AZMM implemented Spacewell’s Cobundu smart building platform and several of its touchpoints.

  • Cleaners are equipped with digital tablets (attached to cleaning carts for convenience) running the Work Assistant app. This app eliminates paper and provides clear work instructions (including priorities) with icons on colour-coded floor maps.
  • The Space Monitor application is used to provide insight into space usage. It currently gets its data from wired occupancy sensors (Schneider BMS). In a next phase, wireless sensors/door counters will be added to align cleaning frequencies with real-time usage data.
  • Digital Room Displays are being installed outside of meeting rooms for quick and easy booking of space and catering/services.


  • Increased hospital cleaning team autonomy and motivation
  • Optimal cleaning services aligned with actual building usage
  • Fast COVID-19 response: cohort/segregated areas visualized on digital floor plans + tailored work orders with clear safety, hygiene, and sanitization procedures for the cleaning team during the COVID-19 emergency.

    Hospital cleaning team performance – quantified results:

  • Augmented cleaning capacity: from 5% to 15% (2016 to 2019) of all hospital rooms on any given morning
  • No need to recruit extra FTEs, even if the average length of stay of patients fell by 5% (higher cleaning frequency) and the number of admissions increased by 8% (higher workload)
  • Despite an increase in the workload in the day hospital (equivalent to one FTE), the team did not need to be expanded thanks to the greater efficiency brought by the Work Assistant (savings of 1.2%, approx. € 45,000/year)
  • In combination with a well-structured organization, clear instructions, and the right tools and products, the mobile app (Work Assistant) ensures high satisfaction of the hospital cleaning staff as evidenced by less absenteeism (a reduction of more than 50 %) and reduced staff turnover (9 exits in 2016, 1 exit in 2019) resulting in less recruiting & onboarding time.

Employees can access the right information on the go and have more freedom and autonomy. This increases motivation and the quality of service”.

Peter Dierickx

Facility Director, AZMM

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