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Organize all the information about your buildings and contracts with owners, tenants, and contractors in one place. It does not matter what contracts you have made with which relations. Our software makes it easy to document all your business agreements and automate supporting processes.


Our solutions:

  • Building management
  • Contract administration
  • Rental administration
  • Notification registration
  • Key management


Manage your tenant relations and the processes within your buildings with ready-made solutions or unique setups. For example, you can use the same working method at different locations, but you will also be able to incorporate the specific wishes of the property owners into the processes. You structure it the way you want it.

Our solutions:

  • Customer management
  • Contract management
  • Technical management
  • Maintenance management
  • Ticketing

Are the profitability requirements of the property owner being met? Do tenants get the comfort they’re paying for? You obtain the information and insights you require to maintain and improve your customer relations.

Our solutions:

  • Key financial figures
  • Vacancy overview
  • Service levels
  • Hospitality
  • Carbon footprint


Centralize all information about your buildings in one place. Automate your processes with best-practice, configurable workflows. Provide mobile tools for service requests and smooth ticket processing. Manage your projects optimally with company-specific flows, statuses, and notifications.

  • Contract management
  • Portfolio management
  • Document management


Benchmark space and building performance and make informed decisions. Link the software to IoT sensors to monitor occupancy and vacancy. Identify trends in order to work proactively.

  • Monitoring of occupancy and vacancy
  • Real-time monitoring via IoT sensors
  • Insight into short- and long-term costs


Align your real estate portfolio with your business strategy, improve user experience, reduce your real estate footprint, and reduce costs.

  • Increase the occupancy rate
  • Improve the user experience
  • Optimize life cycle costs


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