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Aug 13

Actionable data – why it is not an empty buzzword in facility management

workplace IoT

These days, all organizations have systems in place that generate huge amounts of data. Businesses realize it is an important resource. Yet many are not able to use it to its full potential. As ubiquitous as data has become (more data has been created in just the last two years…Read More

Jun 19

Activity-based working and smart tech: made for each other?

activity-based working

For decades, ‘cubicle culture’ dominated the office landscape. Picture rows of beige cubes in a minimally windowed workplace with harsh fluorescent lighting.  These bland, soul-sapping environments — designed to cut space costs — encouraged monotonous styles of working. Moreover, the dominant technology tools of the era (desktop computer, landline phone) kept…Read More

Apr 16

Your facility is ready for the Internet of Things – Are you?

Internet of Things for building performance

With all the buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), some facilities managers see it as the next shiny new toy – something where the hype creates anticipation far exceeding the actual experience. In addition, they believe it requires large upfront cash outlays whose return on investment is doubtful. Furthermore,…Read More

Mar 23

Are privacy and security concerns holding back IoT in the workplace?

privacy and security workplace IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming a real part of business operations, not to mention our everyday lives. With wireless sensors all around us, should we worry about what happens with all that data? There are certainly some valid reasons for concern about data privacy and security, but…Read More

Mar 21

Monitor. Assist. Transform. The making of a smart workplace.

smart workplace

We live in a world where agile working is quickly becoming the new normal. This creates a demand for flexible space but also for smart services that make the most of that space. Technology both drives and enables this smart workplace revolution. IoT-related technologies, in particular, play a key role.…Read More

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