• Inventory with fully customizable, standard element library, equipped with activities with cost standards and cycles
  • Condition measurement according to NEN 2767, standard list of defects available
  • Efficient on-site inspection with a convenient property condition reporting app, doesn’t need an internet connection
  • Long-term maintenance plan
  • Create different scenarios
  • Switch easily between long-term maintenance planning and budgeting
  • Elements, planning, and budget are integrally transparent for any desired selection of buildings
  • Transparent aggregated condition scores
  • Makes it possible for you to draw up a well-founded financial plan

If you want to operate efficiently you need to know what’s available to you in-house. Our software makes it easy to document and organize all your information.

  • Contract and contact administration
  • Building management
  • Space and inventory management

A process forms the basis of virtually all company operations. Using workflows means that processes are completed in a consistent manner. Our software increases the transparency and efficiency of these processes.

  • Notification management
  • Reservation
  • Visitor registration

The modules allow you to generate standard reports you can use to create a clear overview of the processes in your organization. As a result you always have access to the information and insights needed to take substantiated decisions.

  • Reports related to notifications, reservations, visitor registration
  • Reports related to contract and contact registration
  • Reports related to building, space and inventory registration

Optimize the life-cycle performance of your builldings and installations

  • Boost the productivity of field team with powerful apps
  • Save time and money through effectively planning, scheduling and executing maintenance operations
  • Monitor SLAs on outsourced work and ensure full traceability and compliance

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