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Live webinar: BIM for facility management, for real.

Thursday, September 24, 2020 | 9:00 am - 10:00 am EDT
  • This event has passed.

Join this webinar, hosted by Spacewell and Allplan, to learn how you can take advantage of BIM-enabled FM, resulting in more effective building and maintenance management. Thanks to a bidirectional integration, all spatial and asset data can now be imported from BIM into IWMS, and floors, rooms, and maintenance objects will be created automatically.

Users can access BIM models from within the facility software, visualize them in 3D (much faster than in any native IFC-based viewer), and see relevant assets as highlights on a semi-transparent building model. The asset information model is fully integrated with work orders, which is incredibly useful for technicians and facilities teams.

Focused on showing rather than telling

You will see a hands-on demo of BIM-enabled facility software, including:

  • Import of spatial and asset data (incl. revisions) from BIM into IWMS operational software
  • Automatic creation of floors, rooms, and maintenance objects
  • 3D visualization with highlights of relevant assets
  • Full integration of work orders with BIM data
  • Keeping the model alive (bidirectional syncing and updating)

A can’t-miss webinar for:

  • Building & Property Managers
  • Facility & Maintenance Managers
  • (Corporate) Sustainability Managers
  • DBFM Project Managers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • IWMS product owners

Presented by:

Nicole Weygandt, Ph.D. (moderator)

Nicole Weygandt, Ph.D. (moderator)

Head of Strategic Development at Spacewell

Kurt Demeulemeester (speaker)

Kurt Demeulemeester (speaker)

Enterprise Architects, Spacewell

Stefan Kaufmann (speaker)

Stefan Kaufmann (speaker)

Product Management BIM Strategy and New Technologies, Allplan