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Spacewell launches IWMS Light: Axxerion GO!

July 4, 2019
Heteren, 4 July 2019 – In addition to the well-known Axxerion software, which is already being used by 200,000 professionals, Spacewell is now launching Axxerion Go!, a professional IWMS that is available out of the box. Axxerion Go! supports the most common FM processes through standard workflows.

The cloud software allows users to:

  • Centralize and organize information – e.g. inventory management, space management, building management, contracts, and contacts
  • Efficiently manage processes such as call management, visitor registration, and reservations
  • Gain insight through ready-made reports

Standard FM workflows

Good process management is essential to keep all aspects of operations running optimally. This is certainly true in the area of facility management. Through automated workflows in Axxerion Go!, users can quickly, accurately, and cost-efficiently manage frequently used FM processes. Notifications, statuses, service levels, and escalations ensure that tasks are carried out at the right time.

Rapid use

Staff can start using the software very quickly. After entering the relevant data – such as contacts, buildings, spaces, and contracts – and setting up authorizations, users can immediately get to work after a brief instructional introduction.

Scalable and affordable

Spacewell offers the software as a service with a fixed, low price. Thanks to the SaaS model, customers don’t have to worry about maintenance, backups, updates, new versions, etc.

Axxerion Go! is ideally suited as an entry-level software or for smaller companies that can achieve significant savings with a limited investment. The software also offers opportunities for growth: customers can easily upgrade if the need arises to create custom workflows or to link the software to other systems for exchanging information.

About Spacewell

Spacewell – part of the Nemetschek Group – is a technology and software company that helps its customers improve the performance of facilities and processes. Our main goal is to make buildings work harder for their users by collecting and processing building data. We assist our clients to optimize their facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working. Spacewell was founded in 1989 and currently employs 300 people in 10 locations.

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