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Spacewell’s Smart Building offering, powered by the Cobundu platform, assists users in real-time and helps improve comfort, space, and resource usage. Building occupants love it for the intuitive interaction and personal assistance it provides. And landlords, occupiers and service providers love it for its fast ROI through increased efficiencies and data-led insights. The nature of work and the role of the workplace are constantly evolving and so are the smart technologies supporting it. The Cobundu platform is your partner in the journey to adapt to these changes.



Space occupancy & utilization | Comfort tracking: temperature, humidity, and air quality


Quickly find spaces, people, services | Book rooms, desks, services


Dynamic services, activity-based cleaning | Mobile guidance for field technicians
Under the product name MCS, Spacewell offers a fully Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for Real Estate, Facility and Workplace management. MCS software offers end-to-end process control by integrating all relevant activities and touchpoints on a single platform.

Real Estate

Optimize the performance of buildings

Facility Management

Ensure service excellence


Manage the ever-changing workplace


Optimize the life-cycle performance of physical assets

Meetings & Reservations

Ensure a great meeting and visitor experience


Improve the energy efficiency of your buildings
Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) by Axxerion deals with emergencies, improves efficiency and generates greater customer satisfaction. We believe that each customer is different while many processes remain similar. Without necessarily resorting to customization, workflow-based Axxerion software adapts to a client’s specific situation and needs.

Organize the basics

Inventory, contracts, assets, HR, CR, catalogue management | ITIL | CAD, SVG, GIS integration

Streamline workflows

Axxerion supports all activities, from reservations to strategic planning

Optimize and improve

Timesheet, energy, and property management
O-Prognose is specialized software for the long-term maintenance management of buildings, installations, and infrastructure. This is an easy and ready-to-use software application suitable for all types of businesses and organizations.


Long-term maintenance planning and budgeting


Any type of property portfolio


Managing reports and malfunctions
Spacewell Advisory offers integrated facility management consulting services. We help our customers create a high-performing workplace environment that is inspired by a vision, backed by data, and supported by the people.

Workplace management

Workplace solutions to facilitate smart working

Facility service management

Best-practice scenarios for your organization

Maintenance management

Find the right balance between performance and cost

Cleaning & catering management

Deep domain expertise and independent advice 

Security & risk management

Identify, assess and manage security risks
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