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Long-term maintenance made easy with O-Prognose

O-Prognose is an easy-to-use solution with an open structure that allows for a trouble-free extension of functionality and compatibility. Efficiently managing property maintenance has never been easier.


O-Prognose: a complete solution for effective building management

Our user-friendly software helps your organization to keep building inspections and long-term maintenance plans (LTMP) sustainable, clear, and cost-effective. Use it for work preparation and planning, daily management, pre-purchase inspections, and management reporting – or as the basis for performance contracts or technical due diligence.

Long-term maintenance planning and budgeting

A long-term maintenance plan is regarded as a measure for controlling maintenance costs. The planning provides insight into the short- and long-term costs, allowing you to align the maintenance policy with future maintenance costs.

O-Prognose: for any type of building

O-Prognose Maintenance is a generic solution that allows you to quickly develop a long-term maintenance plan for any type of property portfolio (buildings, infrastructure, technical installations).

The strengths of O-Prognose

NEN 2767

O-Prognose is suitable for condition measurements in accordance with NEN 2767.

NEN 3140/NEN 1010

Easily draw up management and inspection plans for electrical installations and equipment.

NEN 6059

Perform both a baseline measurement and a condition measurement in accordance with parts 1 and 2 of the NEN 6059 Fire Safety Standard.

Risk assessment

Choose the level of detail and determine whether the output is used for the input of your strategic real estate policy or for the preparation of the execution of the maintenance.

O-Prognose reporting

By making convenient use of the library, a maintenance plan can be put together quickly. Pictures are simply added to the findings or defects.

IFC-BIM import

With the IFC link, data from a BIM is easily exported to the O-Prognose software and changes made are imported back into the BIM.

Safety Register

In addition to O-Prognose long-term maintenance planning, Spacewell also provides an online compliance tool that ensures that your buildings always comply with all rules and regulations.


With a Quickscan you rapidly know to what extent your organization complies with legislation and regulations.

Safety Register Forms

With SR Forms, all your inspection and certification forms are available digitally. Moreover, SR Forms is equipped with automatic workflows that connect to the processes and working methods within your organization. On top of that, the forms are created in your house style for optimal recognition.

In control

The Safety Register enables you to organize your mandatory inspections and tests. This allows you to take responsibility for safety in your organization with peace of mind.

What do clients say about O-Prognose?

Den Helder

“We can now filter daily maintenance per building and thus gain direct insight into our maintenance expenses.”

John Wokke, technical advisor, Municipality of Den Helder

Municipality of Oosterhout

“Our experience is that they listen carefully to their own users and make improvements where possible. “

Alexander Mook, Municipality of Oosterhout

UMC Utrecht

“The user interface is intuitive, and the system is easy to expand with numerous fields.”

Tom Kleemans, Maintenance Advisor, UMC Utrecht

O-Prognose customer?