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What’s new in MCS

MCS software grows with its clients to offer the best IWMS experience. Updates and new capabilities are rooted in customer feedback. Thanks to your feedback,  MCS becomes easier to use, and supports even more of the work you do every day. The software receives a major update every year and quarterly maintenance releases.

Keep reading to learn more about the latest MCS product updates.


OpenBIM, the path to your Digital Twin

The race to integrate BIM in a sustainable, usable and bi-directional way into an IWMS has been going on for many years. As part of the Nemetschek group, the only company group in the world that covers the entire life cycle of construction and infrastructure projects with more than 5 million customers worldwide, Spacewell is at the forefront of using BIM data for building management. MCS integrates any BIM format and makes its data actionable and explorable. More than just a BIM viewer, the IWMS software exchanges, integrates and leverages BIM data for facility operations.

Building Intelligence Dashboard

Building Intelligence Dashboards

With a new BI engine running in MCS, clients get more powerful insights than ever before. Better still, the reports and dashboards are now embedded within a web portal. This new BI engine comes preloaded with best-practice dashboards based on in-house expertise from domain specialists and many years of working collaboratively with clients and service providers. Dashboards are dynamic, meaning that every element of a chart or visualization is clickable and transforms the entire dashboard in a powerful analytics tool, all in real-time and driven by your data.

Work Manager

Work Manager, the world’s best maintenance app is getting even better

The ultimate maintenance app, assisting 25,000 field engineers globally, gets an updated and unified look & feel. Work seamlessly across multiple devices, online and offline with the right information at hand, without sync conflicts. Use interactive checklists to ensure compliance with standards; Trigger new work orders based on checklist answers. Keep your work planning and everyday work status in sync and trigger alerts when unforeseen incidents occur.

Work Assistant

A new mobile era for your facilities staff

The complementary app to the Work Manager for maintenance, is the Work Assistant for the facilities staff. It is designed to provide facilities staff clear, highly visual and simple instructions, whether for cleaning, IT, minor repairs or catering. Work Assistant eliminates guesswork, showing on colour-coded floor plans which tasks need to be executed when and where. The app also lets your staff create new jobs in the field and connects with the IoT to trigger the right services in real time based on ongoing events.


Introducing the ribbon UI

More than a billion people are familiar with the use of a ribbon to navigate Outlook emails, spreadsheets, and other MS Office applications. Over the last 20 years of development, a lot of rich functionality has been added to MCS. To make it easier for users to focus on what matters most for them, MCS introduces a ribbon-based experience that boosts productivity and brings all modules into 1 intuitive user interface.

Outlook add-in

Outlook add-in, synced with all your devices

Microsoft Outlook users will soon enjoy a new add-in replacing the previous Outlook Connector. It’s available for Office 365 and you can simply download it from the Outlook store. It shows the rooms that are available for booking as cards in a list or on a live floor plan. If you booked a room using one of the many other touchpoints like the mobile app, the Kiosk, or the Room Display, you will find that your booking is synced in real-time with your Outlook calendar.

Desktop app

One desktop app, combining the best of all modules

Thousands of FM professionals use our MCS desktop applications on a daily basis. In order to simplify the user experience for all these people, we combined all these apps into one single desktop app. All familiar functions are now brought together, with hundreds of new icons, new menus and an intuitive ribbon navigation to hold it all together.


Reporting and exports, the way you want it

With the reporting editor in MCS, there is virtually no limit to creating personalized exports of work orders forms, contracts, billing requisitions for invoicing, furniture equipment, technical assets, locations and reservations lists.


Combining FM data and building data sources

MCS became the world’s first native IoT-enabled IWMS software back in 2016. This allows for asset and operational data to be merged with real-time sensor data in Spacewell’s Smart Building platform. It enables our customers to leverage real-time insights and predictive analytics for space usage and workplace comfort, and to dynamically assist people and facilities staff. We certified several new sensors and building management systems for comfort measurements, smart parking, and room occupancy & utilization monitoring, bringing you the best the market has to offer.

Space Management

Space Management for the agile workplace

In a fast-changing business environment, corporate real estate management is becoming more volatile and short-term. Facility managers are finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing workplace and its impact on costs while ensuring optimal utilization of their spaces. That’s why MCS now makes it easier than ever to meet those challenges. The software enables workplace allocation with drag-and-drop tools, helping you to execute move projects quicker with improved floor plan navigation and mapping layers. We also removed Flash support and replaced it with a native floor plan exploration experience.

Space Monitor

Further optimize space usage and thermal comfort

Space and Comfort Monitor have been updated based on best practices and ongoing experience. Drill-down functionality allows you to explore deeper levels of the data for more specific analyses. You can apply filters on interactive floor plans, look at specific space types or time slots, find correlations, gain insight into bottlenecks, answer business questions, and leverage new opportunities.


Improved user experience

MCS received a facelift following the recent Spacewell branding. You can expect a cohesive user experience that works across all devices and unified design elements to help the user take full advantage of the software and mobile apps. Examples are the redesigned reservation panel, the removal of fLash for floor plan visualization and drag-and-drop functionality for space assignment.

Personal assistant
Verdantix Product Benchmark

A Personal Assistant for tickets, services and reservations

Enable people to directly interact with a smart building through their Personal Assistant app. Use it to conveniently book rooms and desks, synchronized with Outlook Exchange. Encourage users to create support tickets and assist them to quickly find the right facilities and locate coworkers.


A new smart display for agile rooms and floors

Spacewell reservation touchscreens are ideal for high-traffic areas in buildings as well as for meeting rooms. The same app can be used to power a large-screen kiosk or it can show the data on a meeting room display. Both modes share the same functionality, meant to enrich people’s workday: easy booking, wayfinding, locating coworkers, booking tickets, and more