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The All-New Axxerion Software

The office landscape is changing quickly. Organizations are faced with pandemic disruption, shifting employee expectations, and the need to balance safety, privacy, and productivity. The all-new Axxerion cloud software helps you manage uncertainty and meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Are you ready for the future workplace?

COVID-19 led to a massive work-from-home experiment. As a result, corporate attitudes towards remote work have shifted. But after the initial optimism, the drawbacks have also become clear. Offices will transform, but not disappear.

To help you cope with workplace change and uncertainty, Spacewell’s workflow-based cloud software for facility and real estate management, Axxerion, has evolved. It has become smarter, more connected, and more mobile. It now leverages IoT sensor data to assist building occupants in real-time. And it enables workplace leaders to make better decisions based on data-driven, actionable insights. Check out the video below to discover Axxerion’s new capabilities.


Sensor & BMS vendor neutral

We don’t make hardware; therefore, we can guarantee our clients they will always get the best selection of certified sensors/BMS connectors.

Powerful data drilling

More than simple graphs and dashboards, we pack a complete analytical tool to parse through the data and dig deeper into the findings.

More than the sum of its parts

Axxerion combines the strength of IWMS and Smart Buildings technology. It lets you capture the upside potential and manage the risks of the modern, hybrid work environment.

A Fresh User Interface

Axxerion’s updated user interface keeps the software sharp and intuitive to navigate. Even more customizable than before, it lets you maintain your digital workflows like no other facility management tool can. The responsive web design lets you use it on pc and on the go, anywhere, anytime. With its automatic updates, you know it is always up to date wherever you are.

Axxerion user interface screenshot

New Mobile Apps

Mobile apps assist employees to better navigate the workplace, putting the entire building at their fingertips. Staff members can book time at the office based on capacity. Once there, they can see free spaces in real-time across different floors without having to walk around. They can avoid crowded environments and book a suitable place for any activity, with the right thermal comfort and amenities. All this through a range of different touchpoints with all functionality shared across devices in real-time.

Axxerion screenshot - mobile apps

Real-Time Sensor Data

Ensure the buildings you manage are run smoothly and provide a healthy work environment. Our certified sensors let you monitor space, indoor climate, and air quality. Employees can use the floor plan information in real-time and you get a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on. You can even replay any moment of the past months to help you make informed decisions and plan incentives based on behavior.

Axxerion screenshot - Sensor data

Smart Workplace Dashboards

Using dynamic dashboards, you can drill the data and get the objective insights you need to identify wasted space and improve efficiency. Join other organizations that have used these game-changing dashboards to rationalize space usage and save on rental costs, cleaning, heating, and maintenance. Detect poorly ventilated areas and make changes to make sure every workspace offers the right comfort.

Axxerion screenshot - Dashboard

Ensuring a healthy environment

Healthy buildings with good ventilation and air quality lower the risk of disease transmission and can yield strong business returns.  Good indoor air quality not only reduces viral risks, it has also been linked to enhanced cognitive function and reduced absenteeism. With Axxerion, you can monitor thermal comfort, air quality, CO2 concentration, and VOCs. This will give you the data you need to ensure a safe return to the workplace.


Axxerion screenshot - Virus prevention

Remote Device Control

Our apps and devices are highly configurable and remotely controlled. Using remote device control, you can configure every field to be active or inactive on different devices. You can group devices and assign customized profiles to them, including themes and fields.

Axxerion screenshot - Remote control

Experience the all-new Axxerion now!

We’ll be happy to demo it to you and even provide access to a free demo environment