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Get the most out of your buildings

Are you also looking for IWMS facility management software that helps you run operations smoothly and flawlessly? Something that brings order into the chaos of daily operations? But you don’t want a  big, complex system? Then Axxerion GO! is just right for you.

Out of the box

Ready-to-use processes

Permanent low price

Pay only for what you use


No worries about backups, updates, new versions, etc.

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Manage your processes with workflows:


Easily submit, assess, assign and handle messages and service requests. This is done with the help of a standard workflow.
Decide for yourself which types of messages you wish to register and monitor in the system.

A system of tasks
in the workflow ensures that all steps in the process are completed. Through escalations, notifications, statuses and service levels, tasks are performed at the right time.


Employees can book rooms, cars and equipment themselves. A graphical planning board shows what is available for a certain day, week or month. The workflow ensures that the relevant people are informed about the reservation in good time.

The workflow also ensures that meeting rooms are occupied efficiently. This gives you insight into the average occupancy rate and allows you to make recommendations for the meeting policy in response to these results.

Visitor registration

Employees can register visitor-related data. As a result, all of the relevant details are known upon arrival. This helps you understand the nature of the visit and allows you to help the visitor quickly.

In the event of calamities and evacuation, the emergency response team always has an up-to-date overview of the visitors present in the building (also on a smartphone).

Contact management

In this module of our facility management software, you can store all your contact details centrally. Think of employees, customers, and suppliers. The most common items such as telephone number, mobile number, email address, address details, Chamber of Commerce number, etc. can be recorded. The modules are integrated with each other so that you only need to enter these data once.

Contract management

Centralising your contracts, such as lease, rental, supplier and maintenance contracts. You keep an overview so that contracts are extended or terminated on time.

Notifications are received in good time, thanks to the standard workflow.


All your inventory items clearly defined in one overview. Think of building-related inventory, such as fire extinguishers and sprinklers, or inventory for Facility & IT. You can see multiple messages for each item.

Standard reports and dashboards

You can generate standard reports based on the defined master data and processes. This gives you real-time insight and allows you to make adjustments when necessary.

AXXERION GO! – ready to go with user-friendly IWMS facility management software

Axxerion GO! is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that comes ready to use right out of the box. The most popular processes can be used immediately, thanks to standard workflows. Axxerion GO! works on an intuitive basis allowing you to get to work immediately after a short instruction.

About us

Technology and advisory firm Spacewell (formerly Axxerion and MCS Solutions) is part of the Nemetschek Group, a publicly-listed strategic holding company whose operating subsidiaries employ more than 2,500 people around the world. The Group’s software enables life-cycle management of buildings through integrating the processes of designing, constructing and operating a facility. The Nemetschek Group drives the digitalization of the building industry, in order to realize a seamless flow of information and feedback throughout all project stages, from design to build, to maintenance and operation.

Looking for ways to further improve your office for the 6ft/1.5m world? Check out our solutions.