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Facility Management

Advisory Services

Helping you create high-performing workplace solutions that are inspired by vision, backed by data, and supported by the people


Single-minded focus on improving how organizations use, manage, and service their corporate facilities


FM and workplace solutions as a catalyst for business success (not just as a cost factor)

Deep domain expertise

Independent advice by leading domain experts with many years of experience in their field

Multi disciplinary team approach

Thinking beyond the traditional silos to achieve maximum value

Best practices

Measuring performance against industry best practices, international standards and cross-sector benchmarking results

Next practices

Enabling smart services and workplaces, drawing on IoT-related technologies and data analytics

Conjoint approach

Teaming up with client organizations to define relevant KPIs, forward-thinking scenarios and appropriate tools

Sustainable outcomes

Supporting clients every step of the way to ensure that change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented

Facility Management Advisory Services

Key areas of expertise:


Smart workplace solutions

Reshape the workplace to facilitate smart working


Our independent advisors bring you an outside view with a depth of cross-sector experience to:


  • Assess the workplace environment, its usage and effectiveness
  • Measure and benchmark occupancy, comfort, activities and interaction, using IoT sensors and
    other data collection methods
  • Analyse the data to define an effective workplace concept for today’s mobile workforce
  • Recommend the optimal workplace mix for different user groups
  • Provide data-driven insights to designers and architects to help them design an optimal environment
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Facility service management


Together with you, our advisors strategically look at the most suitable facility management scenarios for your organization:


  • Performance scan of the current FM service model
  • Selection of strategic KPIs and results-oriented SLAs
  • Setting up a balanced, outcome-based service delivery model
  • Enabling activity-based FM through integration of IoT sensor data and real-time analytics
  • Integrated FM outsourcing projects, RFP writing, selection processand norm-driven performance
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Maintenance management

Find the right balance between performance and cost


Our seasoned maintenance experts help you:


  • Define your maintenance strategy based on a risk/criticality matrix
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators and translate KPIs into manageable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Perform condition assessments as a basis for multi-year planning and budgeting
  • Implement preventive and predictive maintenance, supported by IoT
  • Successfully outsource maintenance tasks and implement continuous quality improvement processes
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Cleaning management

Objectively assess and optimize your cleaning quality and cost


Our cleaning consultants bring in-depth cleaning know-how to:


  • Determine relevant KPIs and SLAs for your organization
  • Coach and train middle management and cleaning teams
  • Effectively outsource cleaning operations
  • Perform objective quality monitoring, based on criteria derived from cleaning research
  • Implement activity-based cleaning supported by IoT sensor data
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Catering management

Develop a catering concept that satisfies all stakeholders’ expectations

Our catering specialists offer independent advice and support to:


  • Analyse your current catering situation
  • Develop a catering concept focused on objectives, optimal assortment, efficient workflows, minimal life-cycle cost, and ROI
  • Perform financial benchmarks, audits and operational scans
  • Set up outsourced services, manage change and monitor quality
  • Make use of IoT-related technologies to enable new ways of working and improve the customer experience
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Security / risk management

Identify, assess and manage security risks

Our advisory team helps you take control of the security of your staff, visitors and tangible/intangible assets:


  • Gain insight into your current risk management situation
  • Set up best-practice security operations and a continuous improvement cycle
  • Increase transparency and predictability of security costs and investments
  • Improve how security contracts are tendered and managed, incl. compensation for inadequate performance
  • Create a business continuity programme for the risks and exposures that cannot be eliminated
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